What do I pack in my mobile home?

September 10, 2009 1 Comments A+ a-

I am so totally stealing this title from Brajit over on Popslinger's Paradise. Go on over and say hi to him--he has been jamming with a lot of great posts the last couple of months!

So, what do I pack in my suitcase? We have a 20" Travelpro issued to us in training, as well as a lovely matching tote bag. (While it is issued to us, we still pay for it.) This is my mobile home for any trip I take. It may be a week in Prague or a quick work trip to Chicago (ORD) and back. (See, if I just carried my FAA and Company required stuff, something--like a mechanical problem or weather--would happen and I'd end up with an unexpected layover, without MY required stuff. Been there, done that!)

I think most Flight Attendants have the same sort of thought process that they use everytime they pack for a work trip. I keep mine real simple: work clothes, play clothes, jammie clothes. And the associated underthings that go with each, plus extra-just in case.

I usually wear my dress for work trips--saves me from packing a ton of uniform shirts. I do lose out in that I have to pack several pairs of panty hose. So, that covers the work clothes category.

Play clothes is jeans and capris and a couple different shirts. Something that I could go someplace relatively nice, or a whole-in-the-wall and be comfy. Depending on where I go, I may bring a swimsuit and cover-up.

Jammie clothes is easy, too--just some yoga pants, a camisole and zip-up jacket. Something I can wear to get ice or a soda at the hotel and also sleep in. (In case the damn fire alarm goes off at 3 a.m. and I am on the 19th floor of a hotel--I wanna be able to get out of there fast, and covered up!)

Then the list gets a little long, but, since I pack the same stuff all the time, I almost always am able to tell if something is missing.

My Flight Attendant Manual. Required.

Passport. Required. (Even if I am only going to ORD and back, still gotta have it.)

Flashlight. Required.

Make-up. Required. (By me!) And a toiletry bag that lies flat...love this! It goes on the top of all my stuff when I am finished packing and takes up so little room in my suitcase!

Inflight shoes. Flat and comfortable.

Laptop and cell phone and iTouch and associated chargers. And two pairs of earphones.

Corkscrew. (You never know...)

Chapstick. In my uniform pocket.

Moisturizer-within easy reach during my flight.

Hand sanitizer. ('nuff said...)

Pens galore. I must have 30 in my tote bag. All hotel pens.

A couple of Ziploc bags. I don't know why I have 'em. Have never used them.

Moisturizing eyedrops. Also within easy reach during the flight. Since my Lasik surgery, my eyes get as dry as a desert!

Sewing kit.

Magazines. (My love for People magazine is well-documented!)

I bring another pair of shoes to wear with my jeans, and some Switchflops for the capris.

I also bring along my own hair conditioner--will usually use the hotel shampoo, though.

Febreeze. Can't live without it. Travel sized, of course!

An alarm clock.

Electrical outlet adapters if I am flying on an international trip.

A couple of small shopping bags that fold up to nothing. In many countries, you get charged for a bag when you check out--so, I like to have a couple just in case. They fit into a flat, outside pocket on my roll-a-board.

Baby wipes. I use them all the time when I want to wash my hands and can't.

Clorox wipes. My germophobia is also well-documented!

Now I know why the hotel van driver always grunts when he picks up my bag--I guess I do carry a lot of stuff with me.

What do YOU carry in your bag?



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