Cancun, Chicago and Paris

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The Voice called last Saturday, and surprise, surprise, surprise I got a great trip: Cancun, Chicago and Paris.  This was a four day trip: Washington-Cancun-Chicago.  Layover 26 hours.  Chicago-Paris.  Layover 27 hours.  Then Paris-Washington.

Once we figured out that our Purser needed to be the Center of the Universe, my flying partner Rick and I had a great time.  (Most Pursers aren't so needy, really!)  We worked the three-and--half hour flight to Cancun (CUN) and had a blast!  It is always so much fun on the way down to a vacation destination--everyone is filled with anticipation, happy to be away from work, and drinking their Bloody Marys as breakfast.

We left CUN with the unhappy people and took them to Chicago (ORD).  Hungover, broke, and pissed that they had to leave, the air was heavy with crankiness.  Rick and I stayed out of everyone's way, for sure.

Arriving at our hotel after a long day of flying, I walked around and took some pictures and grabbed a bite to eat.  (For my birthday, my SuperHeroHusband gave me a fancy, schmancy camera, that I have yet learned how to use except to point and shoot.  So, I was just playing with the aperture and ISO and stuff.  I have promised myself to learn more about it all.)

I love the creamy color of the sun on this building!

The next afternoon, we worked a 767 to Paris (CDG).  This was the first time I had been there for work--and it has been a couple of years since I went for fun, so I was very much looking forward to it.  I'd take the Metro and go to the Latin Quarter, where I'd go to my favorite shop, and meet some crew after that and have dinner, before getting a good night's sleep in the shadow of the Eiffel Tower.

Didn't happen that way.  Well, except for the good night's sleep in the shadow of the Eiffel Tower.

Flying over, I worked in the Coach galley with Jean-Luc and Christophe.  We had a blast together.  Christophe fake complained that I was saying his name too loudly and everyone would be calling him, so I just started calling him "Juan."  Then, many of the passengers started calling this native of France "Juan" and it was hilarious!

We also flew with a couple of couples that were coming to Paris to celebrate anniversaries together.  They were darling-all four of 'em-and Juan and I had fun with them--it was great to be a small part of their special trip.  All four of them hugged me as they left the airplane!

All checked in at the hotel, a group of us walked over to the grocery store.  It was a little chilly outside, but not bad if we walked in the sun.  At the store, we all headed off in different directions.  Some stocked up on cheap wines, some bought food that was difficult to find in the US, and some picked up some candy.  I did all three!

The hotel we stay in has a lounge for airline crews only, and it is pretty nice--there are a couple of computers, a TV, a refrigerator to store your food, if you brought any; and croissants and coffee.  So, a few of us met there after flying all night and brought some snacks and wine.

Some very pretty cheese with garlic and herbs on top.

Wine time

Duane bought this terrine of something--wasn't my cup o' tea, though.

The coffee and croissant area of the crew lounge

Buttery, warm and omigawd delicious!

Kathy using one of the computers

Duane and Judy getting happy!

The view from my room!

I enjoyed some cheese and crackers and vino with my crew, but having flown all night long, it was definitely time for me to go to bed.  I set the alarm clock to wake me up in a couple of hours--I just couldn't waste the whole layover in my hotel room!  

After my nap, I showered and thought I'd at least walk down to the Seine River, have some dinner and maybe some pictures of the Eiffel Tower and the City of Lights. was too cold.  All I had was my uniform sweater for warmth.   So, I opted to get something to go in the hotel restaurant and eat in my room.

In the restaurant, I ordered a Croque Monsieur and a glass of wine to have while I waited.  I sat at the bar while a few minutes went by, with the waiter just sort of standing around--so I gave him a helpful and nice glance.  He didn't get it.  A moment later, he reached for a wine glass.  Oh, good!  He's going to give it to me now.  He filled it up with (I hoped) a lovely pouilly fuisse.  And the glass of wine just sat there.  On a tray.  Right. in. front. of. me.

A few moments later, the waiter came to have me sign for my bill.  It was at this point I pointed to the lonely glass of wine and asked if I could have it.  I think it was a simultaneous realization that we both had:  he thought I wanted it to go with my "To Go" order, not to drink it while I waited.

We cleared that up quickly and I sipped on the wine.  The out came another waiter with a big tray of food.  What?  For me?  Um, well, I wanted take away--like food in a bag, not a lovely place setting on a tray.  Like McDonald's.  Um, okay...and the waiter, who by now must have been cracking up on the inside at my glorious lack of sophistication, followed me to my room, where he placed the large tray on the small table there.

And, that's it!  That was my fancy French layover.  Not at all what I planned, but it was fabulous!



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Mom in 2
September 4, 2010 at 7:46 AM delete

Thanks for the birds eye view of Chicago. I have never been. Also, do you think the terrine looks a little like catfood?

September 4, 2010 at 6:47 PM delete

We stayed at the same hotel (still probably do, but it's been 2 years since I've been there, and well, I'm not flying anymore). Either way, I loved it. I loved the baked snacks they always had waiting for us around the corner, and I have very fond memories of the crew room there :)

September 5, 2010 at 12:53 AM delete

Heya Blondie! Duane's terrine didn't look too appetizing, but crackers and vino is not something to pass up. We Americans will never live up to the French's ideal of sophistication, but oh well. Keep up the blogs, and happy landings!

September 9, 2010 at 7:19 PM delete

What a great job we have! A Paris layover sounds dreamy!

September 14, 2010 at 11:38 AM delete

You just made me homesick for Paris. The croissants and pain au chocolat look absolutely amazing. I would have stashed some away for the trip back home.

October 15, 2010 at 12:41 AM delete

Hope all is well with you. Where have you been??? No posts since early September and growing concerned about you.

DFW Reader